Public consultation in the land down-under

Australian Government doesn’t give a toss what you think

The Australian government asks for submissions, gets around 4500, mostly against the tax, then ignores almost all of them. It’s just another form of suppression and censorship, a sign that the elites don’t give a fig what we think.

Menzies House is calling it an utter disgrace.

“In a shocking and historically unprecedented suppression of political expression, a staggering four thousand five hundred Australians have had their voices silenced by Australia’s political elite in the Labor-dominated Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation.”

It shows what we all knew all along: the submission process was a merely legal formality, a scent of democracy.

This is a new low, and based on current performance, is just what we’d expect. They can’t justify this tax, they can’t debate the science, but they can ram it through. The only way “forward” is with whitewash, erasers, and the all-purpose delete key. (Jo Nova)

UN Carbon Market May End After Kyoto Targets Lapse

UN Carbon Market May End After Kyoto Targets Lapse
Saturday, 08 October 2011 08:02 Jim Efstathiou Jr., Bloomberg

China and the European Union are at odds over the future of the United Nations carbon market and the Kyoto Protocol, a rift that threatens agreement at next month’s ministerial climate-change conference in South Africa.

The EU has “moved the goal posts” in negotiations to extend Kyoto, an emissions-control agreement that lapses at the end of 2012, Su Wei, the lead Chinese negotiator said yesterday in an interview at UN-sponsored talks in Panama City. The EU is seeking to broaden the accord to include commitments from developing nations such as China, India and Brazil.

A failure to agree on new Kyoto limits would dry up the future of the UN’s eight-year-old carbon market, worth $7.8 billion at current prices, Su said, publicly linking the fate of an agreement and trading for the first time. The breach threatens progress on a fund to help developing nations adapt to the impacts of climate change and efforts sought by the U.S. and richer nations to bolster the system to monitor country emissions pledges. (GWPF)

Lawrence Solomon: Harper’s next stand

Lawrence Solomon: Harper’s next stand
The PM spoke out for the seal hunt. Now he must support the Alberta oil sands

Prime Minister Harper, it’s time to stand up for Alberta and for Canada. You and your government are allowing Canada’s oil sands to be tarred as an evil at home and abroad when they should, in fact, be seen as one of our greatest assets.

Two years ago, when Newfoundland and Canada were being vilified over another emotive issue — our seal hunt — you took our case to Europe during European Union trade talks. “Canada will, both domestically and in front of international tribunals, vigorously defend our sealing industry,” you said in Prague. You could have done no less — you are the chief emissary for and defender of the Canadian brand.

Now Canada needs another principled defence in another vastly overblown environmental issue that threatens us with boycotts and slanders us in the EU and United States. This time much more is at stake financially: Oil sands oil exports are on track to be worth some $200-billion per year by the end of this decade, making it our biggest export commodity by far. And this time the case to be made is a relative slam dunk. Not one condemnation that paints the oil sands as uniquely wicked stands up to scrutiny. (Financial Post)

It’s The Dawn Of Life-Saving Coal: 2010 Consumption Jumped 5.2% – Most Since 1979

It’s The Dawn Of Life-Saving Coal: 2010 Consumption Jumped 5.2% – Most Since 1979
By P Gosselin on 7. Oktober 2011
Dig baby dig!

Germany has put the shutdown of all its nuclear reactors on the fast track since the Fukushima accident. Finally, Germany’s Renewable Energy Revolution to rescue the planet from nuclear power and climate-killing CO2 emissions appears set begin in earnest, at least that’s what the climate rescue heroes would like to believe.

Unfortunately for the renewable energy cheerleaders, and the enemies of fossil fuels, things are in reality developing quite differently globally and even in Germany. For example, China is putting one brand new coal power plant online every week, and will do so for the next 40 years. Now, suddenly, Germany looks poised to crank up its coal power capacity too. Edgar L. Gärtner at eigentumlich frei has a commentary called: Energy Revolution” – The New Age of Coal“. The climate fantasy rescuers aren’t going to like it. (No Tricks Zone)

Never mind the environment, its green we tell you, green

Biodiesel industry rejects EU land use impact study

Europe’s biodiesel industry rejected the findings of a draft EU study showing that the cultivation of rapeseed to make road transport fuels is worse for the climate than using conventional diesel. (Reuters)

Major surprise: Navy losing money on solar panels, audit says

Navy losing money on solar panels, audit says
Michael Doyle

WASHINGTON — The Navy is unwisely losing money on new solar energy panels installed with stimulus funds at Lemoore Naval Air Station and other California bases, auditors say.

Lemoore was among 10 Navy and Marine Corps bases in California to have new solar energy systems installed even though they won’t be cost-effective, the Pentagon auditors found.

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Tom Nelson: Don’t miss this: Washington Post editorial: “the government ‘is a crappy vc’…all solar-energy ventures are risky. Fossil fuel technologies are more cost-effective for the vast majority of uses”

Don’t miss this: Washington Post editorial: “the government ‘is a crappy vc’…all solar-energy ventures are risky. Fossil fuel technologies are more cost-effective for the vast majority of uses”

Solyndra: A bad bet Obama should regret – The Washington Post

When a profit-making venture blows half a billion taxpayer dollars, the president should be more upset about it. Much of the criticism Mr. Obama is taking over Solyndra is political. But not all of it.

The important lesson is that the government “is a crappy vc” — venture capitalist — as then-White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers put it in an internal e-mail.

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Doubling Down On Solyndra

Doubling Down On Solyndra

Scandal: As the Energy Department’s loan chief leaves a sinking ship, the president says that people thought bailing out a failing solar panel maker was a “good bet.” Next time play with your money, not ours. (IBD)

Upton, Stearns Comment on Explosive White House Documents on Solyndra

WASHINGTON, DC – Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Cliff Stearns (R-FL) responded to documents the committee received late today from the Obama administration regarding the investigation into the $535 million Solyndra bust. (Energy & commerce)

Strange claim of ‘new’ information on UV

The following articles claim UVB (ultraviolet radiation in the 270-320 nanometer [nm] band) had been the only/main suspect in causing skin cancer but that is really quite wrong. This assertion appeared in 2004 and represented a paradigm change. (links in our ozone page)

UVA (320-400nm) is and has always been the prime suspect in deep tissue penetration and genetic damage leading to melanoma while UVB, which can cause sunburns, has always been (and still is) otherwise considered benign/beneficial. UVC (<270nm), which would cause severe burns with short exposure but does not penetrate the atmosphere, blocked completely by atmospheric oxygen (O2) in addition to ozone (O3).

The only reason we can find for the reversal of paradigm and “villain switch” is that UVA is not blocked by stratospheric ozone at all and made a lie of claims that alleged stratospheric “ozone depletion” would lead to an increase in skin cancers. UVB is blocked to some extent by ozone (and thick cloud) and thus had to be made the villain of the narrative.

The claim that stratospheric ozone creates some sort of “life shield” around planet earth is and always has been utter twaddle – simply an excuse for the Montreal Protocol and the assassination of useful chemical compounds.

Study shines new light on damaging UV rays

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Cuccinelli says EPA report supports his assertions

Cuccinelli says EPA report supports his assertions
David Sherfinski

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II on Wednesday blasted the Environmental Protection Agency in the wake of a recent inspector general´s report that found it failed to follow federal rules in its process of using climate change data to conclude greenhouse gases are a threat to human health. (Washington Times)

Cuccinelli rips EPA for failing to follow its own rules
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A picture paints a thousand words, not necessarily accurately

The Poverty of Diagrams
Ben Pile on October 7, 2011

Pop wisdom has it that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Here’s a picture that tries to paint so many words, but says more about its painters than the subjects they intended to portray. (Climate Resistance)

Map: The Climate Change Scare Machine — the perpetual self-feeding cycle of alarm

Two professors of sociology think they can explain why “Climate Deniers” are winning. But Riley E. Dunlap and Aaron M. McCright start from the wrong assumption and miss the bleeding obvious: the theory was wrong, the evidence has changed, and thousands of volunteers have exposed it.

The real question sociologists will be studying for years to come is: how was an exaggerated scare, based on so little evidence, poor reasoning and petty namecalling, kept alive for two whole decades? (Jo Nova)

The Economist gets carried away with CAGW enthusiasm

The South Pacific’s water crisis
And not a drop to drink

ONE canary in the climate-change coalmine may have just quietly fallen from her perch. The tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu has declared a state of emergency after a fresh water shortage forced it to shutter its schools and hospitals and begin water rationing across the country. Observers blame the shortage on the changing weather patterns and rising sea levels associated with climate change—and warn they could be a sign of things to come for the whole region. (Economist)

What utter rubbish! Tide gauge data shows no particular trend for sea levels at Tuvalu but does register the state of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

Due to regional atmospheric pressure changes deforming the sea surface lens sea levels fall around Tuvalu during the warmer El Niño phase and rise during the earth-cooling La Niña phase.

We are currently entering what appears to be a second La Niña peak and sea levels have been above “normal” around Tuvalu for more than a year.

Moreover, La Niña phases cause a southerly shift in local wind and rainfall patterns, always leading to drought in the region.

Tuvalu suffers drought when earth is coolest and above-normal rainfall when earth is at its warmest during El Niño events. And so it has always been.

Roger Pielke Sr. On The Fraction Of Positive Radiative Forcing From CO2

Response To A Question On Skeptical Science On The Fraction Of Positive Radiative Forcing From CO2

Skeptical Science has heeded my request for a more civil debate on the climate issues in their post

Pielke Sr. and SkS Disagreements and Open Questions

This is reaching out to build a bridge to discuss these issues is welcomed.

Today, I will respond to their question:

How did I estimate ~28% as the fraction of the current global annual average human-forced positive radiative forcing? (Roger Pielke Sr.)

Breaking: carbon scammers seek vast profits by exploiting DiOxyCarbophobia

Big names behind US push for geoengineering

A coalition representing the most powerful academic, military, scientific and corporate interests has set its sights on vast potential profits (Guardian)

Idiotic scheme to bury carbon people spent time, effort and finance mining faces collapse, green plants relieved

Flagship UK carbon capture project ‘close to collapse’

Scottish Power expected to pull out of government-promoted scheme to build a £1bn prototype CCS plant at Longannet (Guardian)

Flagship green energy project faces axe

Carbon plan to be shelved over funding shortage as fears grow for Tories’ green agenda after chancellor’s ‘austerity’ remark (Guardian)