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John Hinderacker: Solyndra II, And More Green Jobs Failure

Solyndra II, And More Green Jobs Failure
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 22:22 John Hinderacker, Powerline

Emails released by a Congressional committee show, almost unbelievably, that the Obama administration was poised to lend Solyndra another $469 million loan during the summer of 2010, even as auditors “warned the company was in danger of closing due to its rapidly mounting debts and expenses.” Analysts in the Office of Management and Budget greeted the proposal for a second loan with gallows humor. (GWPF)

Oh noes! Harvesting timber is environmentally friendly

Wood is the greenest building material, USDA says

A report from the U.S. Forest Service on Thursday found that using wood in building products yielded fewer greenhouse gases than other common building materials, such as concrete and steel. According to the report, which analyzed dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies, 2.1 tons of greenhouse gases were saved for each ton of carbon in wood products versus non-wood materials.

“This study confirms what many environmental scientists have been saying for years,” U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement. “Wood should be a major component of American building and energy design. The use of wood provides substantial environmental benefits, provides incentives for private landowners to maintain forest land, and provides a critical source of jobs in rural America.” (LA Times)

Obama Administration just loves backing losers (with your money)

Chu: Solyndra’s collapse doesn’t dent solar investment case
By Ben Geman

Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Saturday that the bankruptcy of the solar company Solyndra doesn’t undercut the case for continued federal investment in green energy. (E2 Wire)

Green Energy Industry Staggers

As the Energy Department hustled to get another $4.7 billion in loan guarantees for green tech companies out the door before time ran out and the program ended last week, yet another solar panel manufacturer was wilting in the sun, and the green jobs scam was looking more threadbare than ever. Says the WSJ: (The American Interest)

A U.S.-Backed Geothermal Plant Struggles
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Shining a light on Solarquiddick

Solargate Opens Wide

Corruption: It turns out a recent recipient of the administration’s largesse is from the House of Pelosi. The green energy scandal keeps picking up speed.

Last week, the Energy Department completed a $737 million loan guarantee to Tonopah Solar Energy and an additional $337 million for Sempra Energy.

On the surface, there’s nothing suggesting either is improper. But just beneath the surface is the clear appearance of impropriety. (IBD)

“The new building is like the Taj Mahal”: Some nauseating details on just one of many insane ways that the Obama/Chu braintrust blew your money in an attempt to prevent CO2-induced bad weather

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That’s a lot of green for very few jobs

More ‘Green’ For Donor Energy

Solargate: Despite Solyndra, the administration shovels another billion out the door before the deadline as the lists of politically connected companies feeding at the public trough expands. Seems the sun also corrupts.

Follow the money, it has been said, and you’ll find out all you need to know. Two days before the expiration of the program that funneled $535 million to a failing but donor-connected Solyndra, another billion dollars was rushed to two more solar energy companies. That money could have repaired more than a few crumbling bridges.

You’d think the program would have been suspended until the administration found out what went wrong. Unless, of course, the program was functioning exactly as intended — to spread the wealth around with an emphasis on Democratic Party donors. (IBD)

More solar companies led by Democratic donors received federal loan guarantees
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“Green Job” Fallacies (Part II: What is a ‘Green’ Job?)

“Green Job” Fallacies (Part II: What is a ‘Green’ Job?)
by Robert Michaels
September 29, 2011

Even if there were a usable model to analyze job creation, we are left with the problem of identifying which jobs are actually “green.” A renewable project can result in the employment of technical personnel trained to specialize in operating or maintaining its technology (whom we presume are green), as well as additional bartenders who will help the workers to enjoy their evenings (harder to classify as green).

The matter is important because any type of governmental or private spending might open up slots for bartenders. Renewable technologies, however, have been viewed as the foundation for a massive increase in skilled workers whose human capital will provide them with higher lifelong earnings.

Two recent studies point up that the choice of definitions can affect estimates of the green workforce, and show that an extremely small fraction of jobs defined as green are in renewables. (MasterResource)

Exporting American subsidies, technology and jobs – what could go wrong?

Volts For China?

Industrial Policy: Unable to sell its electric cars here, Government Motors plans to partner with the Chinese and possibly give away its taxpayer-funded technology. The administration’s industrial policy picks another loser.

Here we thought the purpose of President Obama’s green jobs and green energy policies was to embrace the technologies and energy sources of the future in order to compete with countries like China. Instead, taxpayer dollars may have once again been wasted — this time to provide jobs for and technology to those we should be competing with.

General Motors Corp., whose international headquarters is in Shanghai, has announced it would be developing an electric car platform with its longtime Chinese partner, the Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC). The question is why. GM would of necessity have to share some of its technology with the Chinese at the same time it was aiding a U.S. competitor. (IBD)

“Green jobs” – @ about $20million per…

Energy Department approves $1 billion in solar energy loan guarantees
By Andrew Restuccia

The Energy Department announced Wednesday that is has finalized more than $1 billion in loan guarantees for two separate solar energy projects.

The decision comes several weeks after Solyndra, a California-based solar manufacturer that received a $535 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration in 2009, filed for bankruptcy and laid off 1,100 workers, setting off a firestorm in Washington. (E2 Wire)

What Solyndra Fiasco?
The Department of Energy keeps shoveling out taxpayer money.

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Jacob Sullum: The Broken Planet Fallacy

The Broken Planet Fallacy
The Solyndra boondoggle illustrates the folly of treating global warming as an economic blessing.
Jacob Sullum | September 21, 2011

When Solyndra went belly up last month, less than a year after it started making solar arrays in Fremont, California, an Energy Department spokesman insisted that the $535 million the federal government had loaned the company was well spent. “The project that we supported succeeded,” he said. “The facility was producing the product it said it would produce.”

That rather short-sighted definition of success exemplifies the loopy logic of President Obama’s “green jobs” agenda, which justifies subsidies based on good intentions and employment opportunities rather than profitability or cost-effectiveness. This policy is rooted in the broken planet fallacy, which treats global warming not as an environmental threat to be handled as expeditiously as possible but as an economic opportunity to be milked for all the jobs it can provide. (Reason)

More on Solarquiddick (hey, Democrats own this one, so let’s give the “gates” a rest)

Solargate: Worse and Worse
Saturday, 24 September 2011 17:04 Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

The Solyndra scandal threatens to blow up into the first truly major scandal of the Obama administration. This is, as Via Meadia readers know, bad news for the administration on several levels; besides the obvious ethical issues, the Solyndra scandal makes the President appear incompetent or worse when it comes to job creation. The scandal supports some key Republican attack narratives and as long as it is in the news the Democrats will suffer.

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Human Events: Top 10 Green Job Fiascoes

Top 10 Green Job Fiascoes

President Obama pledged he would start a clean-energy revolution that would create 5 million green jobs over 10 years. Of course, when the government tries to intrude in the marketplace, bad things happen. Such as these: the Top 10 Green Job Fiascoes. (Human Events)

Robert L. Bradley Jr.: More False Hope About Renewable Energies That Consumers Reject

More False Hope About Renewable Energies That Consumers Reject
Robert L. Bradley Jr., CEO and founder of the Institute for Energy Research, says that alternative energy sources fail the cost, reliability and scalability tests.

Americans seek affordable energy and expect greater fiscal prudence from Washington. Yet the Obama administration continues to tout economically failing, deficit-swelling renewables as the elixir to our economic and energy needs.

“Green jobs” is the code word for the ruse, which is nothing more than artificial job creation for energies that consumers emphatically reject.

Don’t be fooled by the political hype. Alternative energy sources fail the cost, reliability, and scalability tests. Whether it is ethanol for transportation or wind and solar for electricity, politically correct energies are an economic drain. (Forbes)

The green jobs scam

The Spreading Green Jobs Scam

Boondoggles: With a minimum of five green firms going bankrupt, taxpayers find themselves on the hook for at least one possibly illegal loan while paying ghastly sums for each green job created. We’ve been sunburned. (IBD)

Obama green-tech program that backed Solyndra struggles to create jobs

A $38.6 billion loan guarantee program that the Obama administration promised would create or save 65,000 jobs has created just a few thousand jobs two years after it began, government records show. (WaPo)

Terence Corcoran: How to enlighten Penelope on green jobs
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Can we stop this stupid “green jobs” welfare now?

‘Green Jobs’ Welfare Queens Defend Their Indefensibleness

The Global Warming Policy Foundation update today focuses on the same point a friend of mine in the industry who also writes on energy issues called to relate a few days ago, post-Solyndra: the whole ‘green jobs’ thing, this renewables industry, “has a fuse on it”. And not in a good way. (American Spectator)

Promises of green jobs withering on vine
Subsidies fail to help sector take root
Ben Wolfgang

The green-jobs revolution may be going up in smoke.

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Henry Payne: It’s the Regulations, Stupid

It’s the Regulations, Stupid
September 8, 2011 12:30 P.M.
By Henry Payne

The canary in the Obamanomics pixie-dust mine has been American industry choking on green. From EPA’s carbon crusade to light bulbs to Obamacare, hyper-regulation has weakened the industrial jobs engine.

Ask jobs creators in Michigan what President Obama should do to resurrect the economy tonight, and the answer is uniform: Take your regulatory boot off our necks.

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