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AD 1764-1791: The First Climate Change and Geoengineering Acts

AD 1764-1791: The First Climate Change and Geoengineering Acts
Maurizio Morabito

Have environmentalism and climate change fear always been based on an unproven ideology full of hate against humanity and its material progress?

Yes. (Omniclimate)

Bolt Report: Special climate panel discussion with Professor Garth Paltridge, Professor Peter Ridd and Professor Bob Carter

Gosh, people use more energy when it’s colder… who knew?

EU emissions forecast to show sharp rise
Pilita Clark

The European Union, home to some of the world’s greenest governments, is about to record the biggest yearly jump in carbon emissions in 20 years, data show.

Economic recovery and an unusually cold winter that saw consumers use their heating for longer and at higher levels helped push 2010 emissions in the bloc up 2.4 per cent from the previous year, according to preliminary estimates by the European Environment Agency.

That is the biggest annual increase since 1990, agency officials said. The previous biggest increase was in 1996, when the 27-member bloc’s emissions rose 2 per cent compared to 1995. (Financial Times)

The very absolutely last chance (except for the next year & the one after that &…)

Ambitions in check on global climate deal
Shaun Tandon

PANAMA CITY — With just weeks to go before UN talks on climate change open in South Africa, negotiators have shifted their goal from striking a historic deal to ensuring that the global system survives.

Participants have long billed the conference opening on November 28 in Durban as a last chance to find a way forward on fighting climate change, with the Kyoto Protocol’s commitments to cut carbon emissions expiring after 2012. (AFP)

Climate change: India ready to play hard ball
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Psst! Al! Even The Guardian is on to you!

Al Gore is doing a disservice to science by overplaying the link between climate change and weather
To claim that we are causing meteorological events that would not have occurred without human influence is just plain wrong
Myles Allen

When Al Gore said last week that scientists now have “clear proof that climate change is directly responsible for the extreme and devastating floods, storms and droughts that displaced millions of people this year,” my heart sank. Having suggested the idea of “event attribution” back in 2003, and co-authored a study published earlier this year on the origins of the UK floods in autumn 2000, I suspect I may be one of the scientists being talked about. (The Guardian)

Chinese sceptics see global warming as US conspiracy

Hey! No fair! The EU pushes this nonsense most and they should own it!

Chinese sceptics see global warming as US conspiracy
John Garnaut
October 8, 2011

BEIJING: It’s not only Western leaders like Julia Gillard and Barack Obama who face fierce resistance from climate sceptics as they try to lay out policies to tackle global warming.

In China, where carbon emissions have surged despite tough government constraints and targets, President Hu Jintao is having to stare down claims that human-induced climate change is an elaborate American conspiracy. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Public consultation in the land down-under

Australian Government doesn’t give a toss what you think

The Australian government asks for submissions, gets around 4500, mostly against the tax, then ignores almost all of them. It’s just another form of suppression and censorship, a sign that the elites don’t give a fig what we think.

Menzies House is calling it an utter disgrace.

“In a shocking and historically unprecedented suppression of political expression, a staggering four thousand five hundred Australians have had their voices silenced by Australia’s political elite in the Labor-dominated Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation.”

It shows what we all knew all along: the submission process was a merely legal formality, a scent of democracy.

This is a new low, and based on current performance, is just what we’d expect. They can’t justify this tax, they can’t debate the science, but they can ram it through. The only way “forward” is with whitewash, erasers, and the all-purpose delete key. (Jo Nova)

Never mind the environment, its green we tell you, green

Biodiesel industry rejects EU land use impact study

Europe’s biodiesel industry rejected the findings of a draft EU study showing that the cultivation of rapeseed to make road transport fuels is worse for the climate than using conventional diesel. (Reuters)

A picture paints a thousand words, not necessarily accurately

The Poverty of Diagrams
Ben Pile on October 7, 2011

Pop wisdom has it that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Here’s a picture that tries to paint so many words, but says more about its painters than the subjects they intended to portray. (Climate Resistance)

Map: The Climate Change Scare Machine — the perpetual self-feeding cycle of alarm

Two professors of sociology think they can explain why “Climate Deniers” are winning. But Riley E. Dunlap and Aaron M. McCright start from the wrong assumption and miss the bleeding obvious: the theory was wrong, the evidence has changed, and thousands of volunteers have exposed it.

The real question sociologists will be studying for years to come is: how was an exaggerated scare, based on so little evidence, poor reasoning and petty namecalling, kept alive for two whole decades? (Jo Nova)

The Economist gets carried away with CAGW enthusiasm

The South Pacific’s water crisis
And not a drop to drink

ONE canary in the climate-change coalmine may have just quietly fallen from her perch. The tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu has declared a state of emergency after a fresh water shortage forced it to shutter its schools and hospitals and begin water rationing across the country. Observers blame the shortage on the changing weather patterns and rising sea levels associated with climate change—and warn they could be a sign of things to come for the whole region. (Economist)

What utter rubbish! Tide gauge data shows no particular trend for sea levels at Tuvalu but does register the state of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

Due to regional atmospheric pressure changes deforming the sea surface lens sea levels fall around Tuvalu during the warmer El Niño phase and rise during the earth-cooling La Niña phase.

We are currently entering what appears to be a second La Niña peak and sea levels have been above “normal” around Tuvalu for more than a year.

Moreover, La Niña phases cause a southerly shift in local wind and rainfall patterns, always leading to drought in the region.

Tuvalu suffers drought when earth is coolest and above-normal rainfall when earth is at its warmest during El Niño events. And so it has always been.

Philippines: land subsidence greater contributor to floods than sea level rise

UP NIGS: Too much fuss about sea level rise….
…not enough attention to land subsidence
Caroline J. Howard

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos cannot afford to use old practices like using deepwells, if the communities want to stay afloat.

While climate change, along with rainfall volume, may be to blame in part for flooding, some experts say factors including land subsidence or ground sinking resulting from excessive ground water extraction may be the bigger contributor to floods.

“There is so much fuss about sea level rise but not much attention to land subsidence. We have sea level rise due to global warming and it is rising at 2 millimeters per year. We’re so concerned about it but the land is subsiding at 5.5 centimeters per year,” said Dr. Mahar Lagmay of the UP National Institute of Geological Sciences on ANC’s “Headstart.”

Lagmay said excessive ground water extraction by industries and those involved in aqua culture have also contributed to the sinking of land. (ABS CBN)

If you see magnolias hitchhiking perhaps offer them a lift…

At least, I assume they are hitching as there are no reports of north-bound magnolias towing U-haul trailers…

As the Climate Warms, Magnolias Move North
Bruce Dorminey

Scarlett O’Hara herself would likely be scandalized by what researchers found when scouring a plot of central North Carolina forest outside Chapel Hill. Jennifer Gruhn was looking for Southern magnolias, one of the most enduring symbols of the American South (besides Scarlett herself, of course), and the state flower of both Mississippi and Louisiana.

The scandal was that she found them — no fewer than 500 of the magnificent trees, with their dark green leaves and spectacularly fragrant blossoms — in an abundance unexpected for a location so far north. And as with so many changes in the natural world lately, Gruhn, a biology graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis, thinks climate change may be at least partly responsible.

Writing in the June issue of Southeastern Naturalist, Gruhn and her co-author Peter White, of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, point to average temperatures some 2.7°F higher, and a growing season several weeks longer, than it was a few decades ago. (Climate Central)

Still trying to set up global taxation

Climate talks eye revenue from shipping
Shaun Tandon

PANAMA CITY — With nations facing gaping shortfalls meeting pledges on climate change, several governments and activist groups are pushing to put a price on shipping emissions to fund aid to poor countries.

Commercial ships virtually always run on fossil fuels and produce nearly three percent of the world’s carbon emissions blamed for climate change — twice as much as Australia — but are unregulated under the Kyoto Protocol.

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Australia’s $Trillion carbon [dioxide] tax all pain for no gain

Carbon tax to cost $1 trillion: committee
Paul Osborne
October 7, 2011 – 12:14PM

The federal government’s carbon tax will cost every Australian $40,000 in the period to 2050 and a cost-benefit analysis should be conducted before it passes into law, an opposition-dominated Senate committee says.

The select committee on the scrutiny of new taxes on Friday tabled a 361-page report in parliament looking at whether a carbon tax should be brought in at a time of uncertainty about the global economy and whether there will be a concerted international effort to cut carbon emissions.

Labor’s laws to establish in a fixed $23-per-tonne carbon price from July 1, 2012, before moving to an emissions trading scheme in 2015, are set to pass the lower house next Wednesday before going to the Senate for debate.

The committee found that under the government’s own modelling the carbon tax would impose a $1 trillion cost on the Australian economy, or $40,000 per person.

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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Oct. 6th 2011

Rolling Stone gets it wrong, Cate Blanchett doesn’t get it at all and the WWF takes a swift kick to the daddy-bags from an otherwise very polite Canadian. (Daily Bayonet)