There is a Greenhouse Effect on Venus

There is a Greenhouse Effect on Venus

I‘m peppered with emails asking me if articles like this one (which claims there is no Greenhouse Effect at all on Venus) could be right.

Michael Hammer has some 20 patents in spectroscopy, and he explains why the Greenhouse Effect — where CO2 and other gases absorb and emit infra red — is very real, and backed by empirical evidence. The calculations using the Stefan-Boltzmann Law on the atmosphere of Earth and Venus, argue that the Greenhouse Effect is not-detectable. But not-detectable (by that method) does not “prove” the effect is zero. Other methods — like satellite observations of Earth’s atmosphere, and countless lab experiments, tell us that the Greenhouse Effect is real. (The Stefan-Boltzmann Law is used to create the first graph below). Huffman’s calculations suggest other factors are more important than greenhouse gases (with which we heartily agree) and that Hansen et al were barking up the wrong tree by pretending that Venus “shows” us anything much about the Greenhouse Effect. (Indeed, the IPCC mention “Venus” in their first Assessment Report back in 1990 as one of the three key reasons.)

So here in middle-of-the-road centrist land, the people who claim Earth could become more like Venus are wildly exaggerating, but the people who claim that Venus “proves” that the Greenhouse Effect doesn’t exist are just as wrong.

For your average reader, sorry it is esoteric, but there will be avid interest by some science-aficionados in this topic.

– Jo Nova

3 responses to “There is a Greenhouse Effect on Venus

  1. It seems at time that I argue more with people that agree with me than people who disagree

  2. How can Venus not tell us anything about the greenhouse effect?

    Because of its dense cloud cover, Venus has extraordinary “albedo”, reflecting much or most of the solar radiation that reaches it. Daytime on Venus is like dusk on the Earth, Even so, the average surface temperature of the planet is furnace-like.

    The discrepancy between the small amount of solar radiation reaching the surface and the extreme high temperatures at the surface can be accounted for by the greenhouse effect. The atmosphere of Venus is over 90% carbon dioxide.

    No scientist that I have read suggests that we are in danger of seeing Venus-like conditions on Earth — we aren’t going to see lead melt on our sidewalks.

    But we are likely to see — and already are seeing — increased drought, flooding, heat waves, tropical storms of the highest intensity, and rising sea levels. All that is far from Venusian, but it’s too close for my taste.

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