The very absolutely last chance (except for the next year & the one after that &…)

Ambitions in check on global climate deal
Shaun Tandon

PANAMA CITY — With just weeks to go before UN talks on climate change open in South Africa, negotiators have shifted their goal from striking a historic deal to ensuring that the global system survives.

Participants have long billed the conference opening on November 28 in Durban as a last chance to find a way forward on fighting climate change, with the Kyoto Protocol’s commitments to cut carbon emissions expiring after 2012. (AFP)

Climate change: India ready to play hard ball
Chetan Chauhan

The next round of climate talks in December is likely to be a tough one — pitting developing countries against the developed world. Pushing for a level playing field, India has asked the United Nations to address the developing nations’ concerns when climate talks are held in Durban, South Africa.

After showing flexibility at the Cancun talks, India is pushing for an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime for developing countries to have access to costly clean western technologies. The Cancun agreements were silent on IPR issue.

The December 2010 talks also mentioned “equity” without defining it. India has defined it as a right to have equal access to global atmospheric space – something opposed by the developed countries. (Hindustan Times)

Seoul, Europe confer on climate change
Philip Iglauer

Action on climate change requires international cooperation like no other issue does, because the devastating effects resulting from the rising global temperatures don’t stop at national borders.

Ahead of a United Nations conference on climate change in Durban, South Africa in November, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Germany, with a Korean nonprofit group, organized a conference Wednesday on how best to address and, it is hoped, form common positions on the challenges posed by the effects of climate change. (Korea Times)

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