The Supreme Court’s Environmental Docket

The Supreme Court’s Environmental Docket

The Supreme Court will hear two low-profile, high-impact environmental cases in this new session. Richard Lazarus, a law professor at Harvard University, tells host Bruce Gellerman that he thinks the signs so far do not bode well for the Environmental Protection Agency. (LOE)

2 responses to “The Supreme Court’s Environmental Docket

  1. The Idaho judgement appears clear. While it isn’t that big a deal for Exxon to put in a flowmeter that they don’t need, or clean up a spill that isn’t theirs and then sue for the money, the ability to challenge an order in the courts is a very big deal for smaller entities. This especially goes when there is a questionable violation of the Clean water act by draining or filling in land with dirt.

  2. This issue surrounding the Sackett case is in my opinion far more important than all the rest. This comes down to the basic Constitutional sanctity of private land ownership the founding fathers envisioned as a necessary component of a free industrious people. If this is overturned this will be a gigantic victory for the entire nation and an important step in eliminating this tyrannical organization.

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