Philippines: land subsidence greater contributor to floods than sea level rise

UP NIGS: Too much fuss about sea level rise….
…not enough attention to land subsidence
Caroline J. Howard

MANILA, Philippines – Filipinos cannot afford to use old practices like using deepwells, if the communities want to stay afloat.

While climate change, along with rainfall volume, may be to blame in part for flooding, some experts say factors including land subsidence or ground sinking resulting from excessive ground water extraction may be the bigger contributor to floods.

“There is so much fuss about sea level rise but not much attention to land subsidence. We have sea level rise due to global warming and it is rising at 2 millimeters per year. We’re so concerned about it but the land is subsiding at 5.5 centimeters per year,” said Dr. Mahar Lagmay of the UP National Institute of Geological Sciences on ANC’s “Headstart.”

Lagmay said excessive ground water extraction by industries and those involved in aqua culture have also contributed to the sinking of land. (ABS CBN)

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