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Daily Bayonet on Venture Socialism

Venture Socialism

The stock market is in the tank and interest rates are so low you can hear savers and retirees weep.

It’s time for motivated capitalists to embrace the latest money-making scheme out there: green tech.

Venture socialism is new to a lot of people, so here’s what you don’t need:

  1. Your own money
  2. A viable business plan
  3. A competitive product
  4. A clue about business

And here’s what you do need:

  • A connected Democrat

The Obama Administration has made plenty of Federal dollars available for the ‘right’ project. Or left project, to be pedantic but accurate.  All you need to qualify for your share in billions of stimulus bucks is a successful Democrat campaign fund-raiser, or even better, a relative of a well-placed Democrat elected official. Legal resident status is preferred, but probably not required. (Daily Bayonet)

Solarquiddick coverup worsening for government

In Solyndra note, Summers said Feds “crappy” investor

The government is a “crappy” venture capitalist, Larry Summers, then President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, declared in a 2009 email about a federal loan guarantee to a now-failed solar company. (Reuters)

Spiking Solyndra: Big Three Networks Barely Mention Burgeoning Scandal
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Brass on green lead

Larisa Brass: Battery-powered energy creates health risks overseas

The global proliferation of green technologies, including electric bicycles and solar panels, has been touted as good environmental news, but it also has some nasty side-effects.

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Oh yes, that wonderfully “successful” and totally pointless Montreal Protocol

  • Should you care? No
  • Does this indicate anything other than a cold Northern winter? No
  • Is the “ozone layer” stable at any time? No (see “That ‘ozone depletion’ thing
  • Do fluctuating stratospheric ozone levels indicate “loss”? No
  • Is this of any significance to humanity or the environment whatsoever? No
  • Is this just another “People bad, industry bad, chemicals bad” scam from misanthropes and would-be controllers of everything? You betcha!

NASA Leads Study Of Unprecedented Arctic Ozone Loss

WASHINGTON — A NASA-led study has documented an unprecedented depletion of Earth’s protective ozone layer above the Arctic last winter and spring caused by an unusually prolonged period of extremely low temperatures in the stratosphere.

The study, published online Sunday in the journal Nature, finds the amount of ozone destroyed in the Arctic in 2011 was comparable to that seen in some years in the Antarctic, where an ozone “hole” has formed each spring since the mid 1980s. The stratospheric ozone layer, extending from about 10 to 20 miles (15 to 35 kilometers) above the surface, protects life on Earth from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

The Antarctic ozone hole forms when extremely cold conditions, common in the winter Antarctic stratosphere, trigger reactions that convert atmospheric chlorine from human-produced chemicals into forms that destroy ozone. The same ozone-loss processes occur each winter in the Arctic. However, the generally warmer stratospheric conditions there limit the area affected and the time frame during which the chemical reactions occur, resulting in far less ozone loss in most years in the Arctic than in the Antarctic. (NASA News)

Yet another BOLO (Be On LookOut) for missing tropical upper-tropospheric hot-spot

This is 90% certainty? Really? (Yet another paper shows the hot-spot is missing.)

Fu and Manabe agree the hot spot is missing
GRL June 2011.
Yet another study hunted for a form of the missing hot spot– and again the results show the models are unable to make useful predictions.

The upward rising trend predicted in the models is of critical importance. The models assume that the 1.1 degrees of warming directly due to CO2 will be tripled by feedbacks from humidity and water vapor. Studies like Fu and Manabe are looking to see if the assumptions built into the models are right. If relative humidity stays constant above the tropics throughout the troposphere, we should see the upper troposphere warm faster than the surface. (Jo Nova)

Roger Pielke Sr.: My 1995 Resignation Letter From The IPCC

My 1995 Resignation Letter From The IPCC

In 1995 I was invited to serve as a contributing author to their Chapter which dealt with regional climate modeling. I sent in recommended text and papers. All of this material was ignored (as it was in 1992 when I was asked to review several chapters in the IPCC supplement report). Subsequently, in 1995 I sent the letter below in which I resigned from the IPCC. I recently again came across this letter and, in rereading, it still accurately expresses my 2011 views on the IPCC perspective. (Roger Pielke Sr.)

That endangered endangerment finding

The EPA’s Endangerment Finding Is Very Endangered
Patrick Michaels

This week’s big global warming kerfluffle comes from the EPA’s Inspector General, who says the agency broke the law in preparation of its landmark 2009 “Endangerment Finding” from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Subsequent to making this finding, according to an infamous 2007 Supreme Court decision, the Agency must regulate emissions, presumably to the point which they no longer cause endangerment. (Forbes)


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Shock! Gore fakes ‘proof’ of Man Made Global Warming

Gore fakes ‘proof’ of Man Made Global Warming shock
James Delingpole

Watts Up With That has achieved a truly astonishing scoop. It seems that the world-renowned climatological expert Al Gore may have faked a “high school physics” experiment “proving” that Man Made Global Warming is fact, not fantasy.

Oh all right, I’ll turn off the sarcasm.

What I think is most interesting is not so much that Gore has been caught out telling porkie pies, nor that the TV crew faked every last detail of the experiment. Faking it is what TV does all the time, I’m afraid. As for Al Gore and extravagant untruths well, it’s scorpions, frogs and rivers, is it not? No, what’s so thoroughly cherishable about this story is the forensic attention to detail which Anthony Watts has brought to bear on it. (TDT)

But it’s green carbon

Nature: carbon trading is a farce

Nature News published an unusually candid article about the carbon trading scheme:

Clean-energy credits tarnished

The text discusses diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks last week. In those cables, diplomats reveal that they have understood that most of the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism under the U.N.) projects in India don’t reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions at all. We learn that the very idea of a greenhouse-gas emissions trading scheme is “seriously flawed”, “farce”, and so on.

These bugs affect hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 emissions that someone got paid for: that’s billions of dollars. However, no CO2 emissions were even reduced (and we don’t even have to discuss whether such reductions would have any impact on the environment: surely not a detectable positive one). India only witnessed reductions that would be “achieved” even if the Europeans didn’t participate at all. (TRF)

Willis Eschenbach

I wrote previously about the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. In that post, I pointed out an underlying irony of the CDM. At the behest of European AGW supporters who would never, ever think of allowing the building of a hydroelectric dam in their own country, European money is being sent to China where it is used to build … hydroelectric dams. (WUWT)

Oh… stupid weather superstition pact go boom! Gets booboo

Analysis: World divided on new plan to combat global warming

A new plan to curb global warming risks becoming a battleground between rich and poor nations and could struggle to get off the ground as negotiators battle over the fate of the ailing Kyoto climate pact. (Reuters)

Climate Talks Open in Panama With Calls to Extend Kyoto Accord

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How North Dakota Became Saudi Arabia

How North Dakota Became Saudi Arabia
Harold Hamm, discoverer of the Bakken fields of the northern Great Plains, on America’s oil future and why OPEC’s days are numbered.

Harold Hamm, the Oklahoma-based founder and CEO of Continental Resources, the 14th-largest oil company in America, is a man who thinks big. He came to Washington last month to spread a needed message of economic optimism: With the right set of national energy policies, the United States could be “completely energy independent by the end of the decade. We can be the Saudi Arabia of oil and natural gas in the 21st century.”

“President Obama is riding the wrong horse on energy,” he adds. We can’t come anywhere near the scale of energy production to achieve energy independence by pouring tax dollars into “green energy” sources like wind and solar, he argues. It has to come from oil and gas. (WSJ)

Mexico Targets Repsol in Maverick Tactic to Gain Offshore Technology

Mexico Targets Repsol in Maverick Tactic to Gain Offshore Technology
By Andres Cala

Bogged down by outdated nationalist policies, entrenched into the country’s constitution, Mexico has gone maverick to achieve its hard pressed goal of raising oil reserves and production. It is seeking a junior partner position in managing Spain’s Repsol in an opportunistic move to access more deepwater technology and knowhow.

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Some fight it – some fight over it…

France to cancel Total’s shale gas permits: report

France plans to cancel shale gas exploration permits granted to oil major Total SA in the South of France after it banned shale gas drilling due to environmental concerns earlier this year, Le Figaro reported on Friday.

Total said on September 12 it wanted to prospect for shale gas in France’s southeast region, but stressed it would not use the banned hydraulic fracturing drilling technique. (Reuters)

Lawrence Solomon: New battle over Mediterranean gas
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Stupid ethanol mandates – urning export dollars

Analysis: Corn export dominance to bend, not break

For the first time in 40 years, U.S. corn exporters are not out-selling the rest of the world.

Domestic ethanol is sucking up record crops. Emerging suppliers like Brazil and Ukraine are taking export share, while traditional exporters like Argentina move to open new markets. And consumers worldwide are looking to save every penny, cutting shipping costs or using other types of feed.

After supplying four out of every five kernels of corn traded internationally in the mid-1990s, U.S. market share was projected to shrink to 45 percent this season, with U.S. dominance particularly hard hit in the past 10 years. (Reuters)

Obama Administration just loves backing losers (with your money)

Chu: Solyndra’s collapse doesn’t dent solar investment case
By Ben Geman

Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Saturday that the bankruptcy of the solar company Solyndra doesn’t undercut the case for continued federal investment in green energy. (E2 Wire)

Green Energy Industry Staggers

As the Energy Department hustled to get another $4.7 billion in loan guarantees for green tech companies out the door before time ran out and the program ended last week, yet another solar panel manufacturer was wilting in the sun, and the green jobs scam was looking more threadbare than ever. Says the WSJ: (The American Interest)

A U.S.-Backed Geothermal Plant Struggles
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