Lindzen-Choi 2011: paper, data, scripts

Lindzen-Choi 2011: paper, data, scripts

Steve McIntyre was initially slightly dissatisfied with the access to the data and code used by Richard Lindzen and Yong-Sang Choi in their 2011 paper; see TRF for texts on improvements relatively to LC09 and thepublication in the Asia-Pacific journal.

However, Steve just announced via Climate Audit that he was given all the files by Richard and his colleague and you may download the data files as well as the scripts in IDL. Here is my concise, compact, and clear zipped copy of the folder:

Lindzen Choi 2011: paper in PDF, data as DAT, scripts PRO in IDL

Unzipped folder (at Steve’s server)

If you download the 767 kB ZIP file from the first link above and unpack it, you will see the full Lindzen Choi 2011 paper, scripts, and data. This is pretty much the format in which all papers in (not only) climate science should be accessible, I think.

You got an “A” in transparency from me, Dick. And Yong-Sang, too. 😉 (The Reference Frame)

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