More greenie “good intentions” crash & burn

Gosh, who saw this coming? People denied those giveaway ultralight plastic grocery sacks at the market actually buy much heavier (and more durable) sacks to throw away. Grocery sacks frequently see service in multiple roles before ending life as garbage receptacles but bin liners are generally single use despite their heavier construction and greater durability. The greenies and zealots were warned of this inevitable outcome of course but managed to convince enough gullible politicians anyway.

Bagging the greens again
Andrew Bolt

Another terrific green initiative – costly, inconvenient, full of unitended consequences and utterly useless:

Adelaide Now :”BIN liner sales in SA have doubled since free plastic shopping bags were banned more than two years ago.

And most bin bags are made of thicker plastic than traditional bags, which means they take longer to break down in the environment.

Woolworths says SA sales of plastic kitchen-tidy bags of a similar size, capacity and shape to single-use plastic shopping bags, are now double the national average.At Coles, sales of kitchen tidy bags increased 40 per cent in the year following the ban in May 2009. Bin bag manufacturer Glad reported a 52.5 per cent jump in kitchen-tidy bag sales in the first year of the ban, compared with a 5.5 per cent increase nationally…

In 2009, South Australia led the nation with a ban on lightweight, checkout-style plastic bags.

(Andrew Bolt Blog)

2 responses to “More greenie “good intentions” crash & burn

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  2. What did they expect?

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