Climate models are process models with no known predictive skill

A Waste Of Money By NSF and NCAR? Are They Studying The Predictability Of Climate On Decadal Time Scales, Or Are They Just Providing Unverified Predictions To The Impacts Community?

Yesterday, I presented an example, in my view, of the misuse of models to provide climate forecasts decades into the future;

Another Scientifically Flawed Presentation Of Multi-Decadal Regional Climate Predictions – This Time It Is In The Intermountain West Climate Summary

I have also posted extensively on the funding by the National Science Foundation of multi-decadal climate model predictions which are not robust scienficially; e.g. see

The Failure Of Dynamic Downscaling As Adding Value to Multi-Decadal Regional Climate Prediction

In this context, I was sent an announcement concerning a set of jobs at the National Center for Atmospheric Research [NCAR] that involves the application of this (in my view) overreach of what models can provide. NCAR is funded in part by the National Science Foundation (I do not know the source of the funds, however, for this specific set of NCAR positions). (Roger Pielke Sr.)

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