Big Wind, eco vandal

Wind Turbines and Whooping Cranes: Going Soft on Soft Energy (politically correct environmental damage)
by Tom Tanton

The Federal agency charged with protecting endangered species under the Endangered Species Act is evaluating a plan to allow a 200-mile wide corridor for wind energy development from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The draft land-based guidelines–made ostensibly to avoid, minimize, and compensate for effects to fish, wildlife, and their habitats” — represent one more example of overt and destructive favoritism for an industry that already benefits from fat tax subsidies and mandated market purchases. (MasterResource)

Eco activists detained at wind energy test site

Police in Denmark detained six environmental activists on Tuesday protesting the felling of trees in a forest to make room for a research center for wind turbines. (Reuters)

One response to “Big Wind, eco vandal

  1. I’m going to be half-full today. At least the activists were protesting for valid environmental reasons. Is Denmark so short of land that they have to tear down 3,000 acres of forest? Given the size of the country, maybe. However, if that is the case, then they have no reoom to build any more windmills and the research is pointless. The need for the deforestation demonstrates the pointlessness of the project

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