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So, where were they this past 14 years while we’ve been fighting this crap?

Industry push to wipe out carbon price
Phillip Coorey

AN ALLIANCE of some of the nation’s biggest industry organisations is preparing to spend millions of dollars on a campaign to destroy the Gillard government’s plans to put a price on carbon.

The group, which has called itself the Australian Trade and Industry Alliance, is prepared to spend at least $10 million on its campaign, which will mimic that which was run against the mining tax a year ago.

The alliance’s strategy document, seen by the Herald, lists its key objective as to ”build public opposition to the carbon tax so that it is either substantially modified or fails to pass the Parliament”. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Climate “action” dying

Lord Reay: The Climate Change Act Should Be Repealed
Thursday, 30 June 2011 10:03 Lord Reay, House of Lords

The Climate Change Act should be repealed, its panoply of carbon budgets abandoned, all the agencies such as the climate change committee which drips its advice into the Government’s ear sent packing, and a chance given to our economy to resurrect itself. Otherwise we have a grim and, very likely, a dim future. (GWPF)

Global Maritime Carbon Deal Dead In The Water
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Professor Luboš Motl on Mooney’s moaning

Chris Mooney on AGW: people should know nothing, believe, and shut up

Gordon has recommended to me to read an essay by Chris Mooney in DeSmogBlog (which made him upset):

“A Little Knowledge”: Why The Biggest Problem With Climate “Skeptics” May Be Their Confidence

Mooney has previously identified science with the war on the Republican Party – be sure that they’re not quite the same things, they’re uncorrelated in general, and in many individual cases, they’re inversely correlated – and his new article shows that his misconceptions about the essence of rational reasoning have gotten even worse.

He started with a Yale University’s survey which concluded that the more people know about the climate, the more skeptical they become. Needless to say, if the relationship were the opposite one (that skepticism decreases with education and intelligence), and Mooney indeed indicates that the more educated leftists could be more alarmist, it would be just another proof that the debate is over and the Armageddon will arrive either tomorrow or during the day after tomorrow.

However, the result of the study is kind of inconvenient – it confirms what all the skeptics have always known, namely that the alarmist beliefs are being silently accepted by those who don’t know much and who are still being brainwashed. The more you know, the more clearly you can see that this whole business about a dangerous climate change is based on a complete collapse of the rational discourse.

So what does Mooney do with such an inconvenient truth? (The Reference Frame)

Roger Pielke Sr. highlights a paper on Chinese temperature trends

An Interesting 1973 Paper “A Preliminary Study On The Climatic Fluctuations During The Last 5000 years In China” By Chu Ko-Chen

Chu Ko-Chen (Co-Ching Chu), 1973: A Preliminary Study on the Climatic Flucuations during the last 5000 Years in China. cnki:ISSN:1006-9283.0.1973-02-005. pages 243-261.

This paper is interesting because of its politcal perspective as it was published while Mao was still leading China, but also, of more importance to climate, its statement about temperature trends in China. I have a complete English version of the paper which was republished from Scientia Sinica, Vol XIV, No. 2 May 1973 in a jounral called Cycles. (Roger Pielke Sr.)

This is something I’ve always wondered about – is Al deliberately so atrocious at what he does?

Is Al Gore A Fossil-Fuel Industry Mole?
by James Taylor

Did you hear the joke about the father of four telling everybody that overpopulation is killing the planet? Well, it’s not a joke, it’s Al Gore. Just when we thought we could go more than a month or two without new evidence of Al saying one thing and doing another, the father of four is taking hypocrisy to a new low, hectoring people about their need to make smarter birth choices to save the planet.

At some point in time we have to wonder whether Al is really this buffoonish, or whether he is a paid mole of the fossil fuel industry, cleverly taking on the role of Most Visible Global Warming Opponent only to purposefully sabotage the green agenda by offending absolutely everybody with his appalling hypocrisy. (Forbes)

I hesitated over posting this but I don’t think it’s actually meant as a joke

Scientists seek link between climate change and extreme weather events
Link between climate change and recent extreme weather events can no longer be ignored, say top scientists
By Steve Connor, Science Editor
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Bad powerpoint presentations apparently make poleys threatened

Polar bears’ threatened status upheld in court

A U.S. federal judge upheld the status of polar bears as a species threatened by climate change, denying challenges by a safari club, two cattlemen’s organizations and the state of Alaska.

The ruling on Thursday by District Judge Emmet Sullivan confirmed a 2008 decision that polar bears need protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act because their icy habitat is melting away.

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The looming age of US domestic energy abundance

Lawrence Solomon: Liberate U.S. oil
‘Drill, baby, drill’ policy would eliminate dependence on OPEC

By Lawrence Solomon

Richard Nixon was the first U.S. president to vow and fail to wean the United States off its dependency on Middle Eastern oil. Barack Obama will be the last. The United States today has the wherewithal to become independent in energy. Once Obama goes, it will also have the will.

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Big oil demonstrates confidence in tight gas, greenies desperate to harm humans at all costs

Exxon, parrying attacks, launches natural-gas website
By Ben Geman

Exxon Mobil Corp. launched a website Thursday to tout the abundance of U.S. natural-gas supplies and the benefits of hydraulic fracturing, the process that’s enabling a production boom but bringing fears of water pollution alongside it.

“Natural gas is providing the United States with an enormous economic advantage as a result of American ingenuity and innovation,” the website states. (E2 Wire)

What New Ethylene Crackers Tell Us
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