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Chip Knappenberger on the NAS report

In-Line Commentary on the Chapter “Causes and Consequences of Climate Change”
Written by Paul C. Knappenberger

The NAS panel’s scientific justification for increasing the price of carbon dioxide does not include new research, but instead draws from the standard set of human-caused-climate-change-is-happening-and-will-be-bad talking points. The climate change science that the NAS found significant for basing their recommendations for increasing the price of carbon dioxide emissions is summarized in Chapter 2 (“Causes and Consequences of Climate Change”) of the NAS report. (SPPI)

$billions on ball gazing

Since 1990, IPCC’s Climate Predictions Have Been Wrong – Billions Wasted On Worthless Fortunetelling

Read herehere and here. As these three articles indicate, the IPCC has failed miserably at making climate predictions, despite IPCC claims that their “consensus science” allows them to predict future climate scenarios out some 100 years or more.

Definition of a fortuneteller: “One who professes to predict future events”

The IPCC is a political agency of the UN, which is tasked with proving that human CO2 emissions cause global warming. The IPCC conducts absolutely zero scientific research. Instead, the IPCC seeks out agreeable 3rd party research and propaganda of green groups that they then reposition as confirmed, “robust,” scientific evidence of CO2’s harm. (C3 Headlines)

In virtual realm: not enough salt in sea and Atlantic invaded by Pacific refugees (or something)

Fears for Baltic’s marine life as global warming decreases the salt in the sea
Changes in North Atlantic could also undermine the entire food chain, says Europe-wide study

By Paul Bignell

Climate change will turn the Baltic Sea into an increasingly freshwater sea and devastate its marine life, according to scientists.

A multinational study has found that an increase in precipitation in the region would lead the water in the Baltic to become less salty. Such a decrease in salinity would change the make-up of sea life, which is already suffering from over-fishing and harmful chemicals.

Professor Chris Reid, of the Marine Institute, University of Plymouth, who was involved in the study, said: “Due to global warming, it is predicted there will be an increase in precipitation in the river basins that flow into the Baltic Sea. As a result – because it’s an enclosed sea with a very narrow exit – the sea will become fresher. We predict this will happen over the next 100 years.” (Independent)

Eek! Lookout! Biodiversity! First Gray Whale in Atlantic in 300 years!

Arctic-crossing algae, whale show threat to Atlantic

Tiny algae and a whale native to the Pacific have crossed a thawing Arctic Ocean in what may portend a marine invasion threatening Atlantic fish stocks, scientists said on Sunday. (Reuters)

Looks like Iceland and Norway are letting everyone down, doesn’t it? Those pesky gray whales were hunted out of the Atlantic some 300 years ago and now one is abroad again. Maybe Atlantic whalers will have to call in Japanese reinforcement.

Joe D’Aleo: Floods due to rapid cooling and record snows

Flooding due to record snows and second fastest decadal cooling period in the record, not warming (PDF)
By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow

Flood waters continue to increase into Minot, N.D., with about 15-20% of the city inundated with water and flood waters expected to increase in the coming days. About 12,000 residents have been evacuated from the previously-identified flood zones. Officials are considering additional evacuations as projections worsen. Water is flowing toward Minot from Canada faster than ever, due to record water levels upstream. The current forecast is for the crest to reach between 1,564 and 1,565 feet above sea level sometime during the overnight hours of June 25-26, and continuing through June 30. This crest would be more than 6 feet above record flood stage, and 9 feet above major flood stage. (Icecap)

Australians rapidly catching up to Americans in climate skepticism

There are some interesting features in the results, curiously not explored by the Lowy Institute. The sub demographic claiming to be prepared to pay the equivalent of a coffee and a burger a week in additional electricity charges appear to be composed of those who don’t actually pay electricity charges or earn their living at all. State-supported students and the low/no income demographic have repeatedly been promised overcompensation like this by our Socialist government, i.e., they’ll be given yet more State funds and will make a “profit” and not surprisingly, support action on “climate change” at any cost. Find the poll here. Significant graphics reproduced below.

Record number oppose price on carbon: poll
Daniel Flitton
June 27, 2011

AUSTRALIANS are far less worried about the world choking on greenhouse gas emissions than they were five years ago – and a record number of people now oppose a price on carbon, new polling has found.

The hardening of attitudes on environment policy appears to further dent support for Julia Gillard’s proposed carbon tax, with nearly 40 per cent of Australians now not prepared to pay anything if tackling climate change involves a rise in electricity bills – an almost two-fold increase compared with 2008. (Sydney Morning Herald)