Gilbert Ross on the environmental whacko group and pesticide scares

Junk Science Week: Toxic terrorists ignore organic food threat

E. coli traced to sprouts from organic farm

By Gilbert Ross

A respected newspaper notes the latest toll among Europeans of a virulent strain of the bacterium E. coli, the source of which has recently been determined to be sprouts from an organic farm in Germany. In the same newspaper, a few pages distant, a credulous journalist has in essence copied and pasted another press release from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a U.S. activist organization, warning us yet again about the traces of pesticide residues on their so-called “Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and vegetables. Wait — didn’t they try the same tactic only a few months ago? Don’t ostensible journalists remember this same trick, which EWG uses to garner attention and subscribers?

The irony of the latest EWG food scare would warrant a self-satisfied smirk if it weren’t so tragic. (Financial Post)

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