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Can’t stop trying, I suppose, although belief in magical energy supplies will persist

The Politics of Alternative Energy 1: The Myth of Viable Industrial-scale Renewable Energy
By Peter C Glover & Michael J. Economides

Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill’s dictum could have been coined for the green advocates of the renewable energy revolution; a revolution that demonstrates a thorough-going disconnect between the political rhetoric and a grasp of the physics and economics vital to energy realism. (Energy Tribune)

Gasland not an honest depiction? No!

Gasland director hides full facts
Written by Phelim McAleer
Wednesday, 01 June 2011 00:41

Josh Fox has made a documentary that makes some pretty alarming claims about gas drilling across the US. But as is often the case when these claims are examined they do not stand up to scrutiny.

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What’s that giant sucking sound?

Could it be the UN cranking up the giant vacuum cleaners to “suck CO2 from the air? More likely the big Hoovers to suck the cash from your pockets methinks but don’t worry, they won’t create any CO2 shortage – airlines are telling the< EU to stick their illegal carbon constraints and China is deploying more of Hansen's "coal trains of death", so tree huggers can rest assured trees won't starve.

Global warming crisis may mean world has to suck greenhouse gases from air
As Bonn talks begin, UN climate chief warns of temperature goals set too low and clock ticking on climate change action
Fiona Harvey, guardian.co.uk

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Australian Government riding carbon tax to oblivion – third Prime Minister to be dumped for “addressing climate change”

Australia is running up an impressive score: already two Opposition Leaders and two Prime Ministers (one a late convert and one a zealot, Julia, who was for it before she was against it but is now for it, will make three) have been kicked to the long grass and their political careers extinguished, all for having drunk the gorebull warbling Kool-Aid.

Julia Gillard feels the heat over carbon tax backlash as voters call for new election
By Simon Benson, The Daily Telegraph June 06, 2011 12:00AM

AUSTRALIANS are demanding Julia Gillard call a fresh election, saying she has no mandate for a carbon tax.

With less than a third of all voters now claiming to support the tax, the federal government is facing a nationwide backlash if it proceeds.

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Others equally unimpressed, I see

Death threats are never OK, but for those without morals they can be a useful PR too

My sympathies go out to anyone who lives in fear for their life, no matter what their beliefs are about a certain climate theory. I soundly condemn death threats.

Though, as it happens, such a thing is completely out of character for any skeptic I know.

After 50,000 comments on my site, violent thoughts are exceedingly rare, from skeptics anyway. Only a few [skeptics] have even issued vague allusions wishing ill-health on someone. (And these were made not by regulars, but by anonymous “hotmail” commenters; real skeptics, or poseurs perhaps?)

Indeed, the team that makes naked death threats publicly has always been the pro-carbon-tax fans.  Think of Greenpeace “we know where you live...“.  Think of 10:10, “we will blow up your children”. Joe Romm encourages the idea that skeptics will be strangled in their beds. A blogger at TPM pondered when it would be acceptable to execute climate deniers. Richard Glover, suggests forcibly tattooing skeptics opinions on their bodies’ (though wisely thinks maybe it’s a bit too Nazi creepy).  Willis Eschenbach came up with a list of hate-related behavior. There is plenty to pick from.

So when the Canberra Times claims skeptics have been threatening climate scientists, I am, not surprisingly… skeptical. (Jo Nova)

More about climate sensitivity

Among the many diverse and interesting items to appear over on WUWT recently one piece particularly caught my eye: “Earth itself is telling us there’s nothing to worry about in doubled, or even quadrupled, atmospheric CO2″.

“What’s so special about that?” regular readers might be wondering. After all, this site has long reported that enhanced greenhouse theory has more holes than a sieve.

True enough but the eye-catching feature was that Pat Frank independently derived a climate sensitivity very closely approximating ΔT/ΔF of 0.1 °C/1 W/m2 – a figure climate followers will remember from our climate sensitivity examination of 2006. Here’s a few excerpts:

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