Energy claims and counterclaims

World should double renewable energy by 2030: U.N.

The world should more than double reliance on renewable energy by 2030 as part of goals to slow climate change in a drive that will need strong backing from the private sector, a senior U.N. official said on Thursday. (Reuters)

Renewable energy is a thing of the past

Michael Lind (Policy Director of the Economic Growth Program at the New America Foundation)
has written an article about the U.S. and world energy future that everyone – particularly our political decisions makers – should read. He makes a convincing case for the assumption that conventional wisdom about our energy future is completely wrong. (The New Nostradamus of the North)

Groups sue to stop SunPower plant in California

Two conservation groups and a California resident have sued to stop construction of a SunPower Corp solar power plant, saying the project would harm the rural area’s wildlife, air quality and natural beauty. (Reuters)

Oil firm files lawsuit against Arctic protesters

UK-based Cairn Energy has filed a legal action in the Netherlands, seeking damages of up to $2 million a day if Greenpeace protesters again disrupt the explorer’s drilling plans offshore Greenland. (Reuters)

Forget Global Warming! It’s now time for GLOBAL FRACKING!!!

Scare story on the BBC on Wednesday morning, about shale gas extraction by “fracking” and agitating Blackpool. What a surprise. There appears to be a concerted effort to kill shale gas, despite (or because) it being so plentiful. What a surprise.

Anyway: the scare is unwarranted. What a surprise. Third time.

We’re so green about the environment, we’re recycling our fears too. (OmniClimate)

2 responses to “Energy claims and counterclaims

  1. I grew up (*1974) in a world where it was considered conventional wisdom: that fossil fuels are good reliable energy sources and nuclear power is even better; all other energy sources are incapable to supply us; only watercraft is efficient in some places in the world, but has not enough capacity to cover our needs; all other alternative energy sources kown so far ar inefficient; thus we must stick to fossil and nuclear.
    I never believed any environmental claim, beneath others because they violated conventional wisdom so blatantly. Relating to the sentence “He makes a convincing case for the assumption that conventional wisdom about our energy future is completely wrong. (The New Nostradamus of the North)”, are the claims of the environmental movement now considered conventional wisdom?

  2. Interesting how new technology needs companies to develop efficiency when the government is having us pay for the current garbage of energy technology.
    Absolutely have no idea what is efficient except for what companies tell them.

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