Lest anyone believe Australia is meekly accepting the UN’s global taxation scam

Gospel according to Ross Garnaut

FOR anyone with any doubts, the Kyoto climate change accord that caused so much anguish for the Australian and global political establishment is officially dead and buried.

The Kyoto agreement’s demise had long been apparent following the collapse of the Copenhagen talks and the new reality thrashed out at climate change negotiations in Cancun, Mexico, in December.

But final confirmation came when Russia, Japan and Canada officially told the G8 meeting of the world’s leading economies in Deauville, France, at the weekend they would not join a post-Kyoto deal that does not include emissions reductions from developing countries such as China.

US President Barack Obama used the G8 dinner to confirm that like Kyoto Mark 1, the US is not interested in what has been seen as a Eurocentric global agreement (The Australian)

Lies and pointless gestures
Andrew Bolt

Terry McCrann checks Julia Gillard’s latest global warming article for lies:

There was Julia herself at it again today using the term “carbon pollution” or variants no less than 23 times in one column. She managed an extraordinary six uses of the term in just two successive sentences.

We all know the utterly disgraceful game that you and she and the rest of your colleagues are playing – lying about “carbon pollution”, to create the impression your climate policy is designed to stop the emission of dirty bits of grit…

That a prime minister and a deputy prime minister and indeed every member of Cabinet would be so relentlessly dishonest with the country is utterly beyond – very grubby – comparison. It is unbelievable but for the fact it is happening.

Last year, global CO2 emissions rose by 1.6 gigatonnes to 30.6 gigatonnes, according to the International Energy Agency, The Guardian newspaper has reported. That increase alone is equal to nearly four times our total emissions.

And we intend to cut by 5 per cent by 2020. That is to say, the world will “make up” for the cuts that it will take us nine years to achieve, in five days!

(Andrew Bolt Blog)

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