Actually people love fossil fuels, although many of them don’t realize it

Irrational Fossil Fuel Hatred
by BRIAN MCGRAW on MAY 23, 2011

Energy blogger Robert Rapier has an excellent post about the naive hatred shown towards the fossil fuel industry by what he calls Democrats. I’m not completely convinced that its a position held by all of those on the left (rather than environmentalists, a subset of the left) but the knee-jerk anti energy sentiments tend to aggregate more on that side of the isle. Read the whole thing, especially his thoughts on clueless celebrity activism. He quotes an environmentalist who struggled to come to this realization: (Cooler Heads)

White House Misses the Energy Message
By Marita Noon
Posted on May. 23, 2011

In a politically polarized climate there seems to be little upon which most Americans can agree. But everyone seems to concur that the prices at the pump are too high—even though they have dipped slightly, and that expensive energy drags down a struggling economy.

Even Congress has heard the voice of the people but the White House is still pushing policy that is certain to pump up prices. (Energy Tribune)

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