Khandekar on future sea level rises

Guest Weblog Post Commentary On ‘Sea Level Rise’ By Madhav Khandekar
Madhav Khandekar has provided us with another informative guest post.

Global warming, glacier melt and sea level rise: need for more realistic future estimates by Madhav Khandekar

There is now a heightened interest on the possibility of rapid melting of world-wide glaciers and ice caps ( e.g., Greenland and Antarctic ice caps) as a result of ongoing warming which could lead to escalated sea level rise in the ‘near future’. Sea Level Rise (SLR) is an important climate change parameter which is being intensely discussed at present in the context of human-induced global warming and the climate change debate. Many newspaper articles as well as science magazine articles often refer to world-wide glacier melts and the possibility of sea level rise of 3 to 7 ft (1 to 2m) over the next fifty to one hundred years. (Roger Pielke Sr.)

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