Spending vast sums to waste an invaluable resource is “excellent progress”? I think not

Actually I think it is possibly the world’s dumbest activity:

Germany Squanders Chance to Pioneer CO2 Capture Technology
By Alexander Jung

German scientists and industry had been hoping that carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology could help the transition to a low-carbon future. But a new bill drawn up by the German government has put the brakes on the technology before it was even properly tested.

It’s an unusual drilling facility that stands on the outskirts of Ketzin, a town in the eastern German state of Brandenburg. Instead of pumping something out of the ground, it is forcing something into the earth.

That something is carbon dioxide. The scientists with the Potsdam-based German Research Center for Geosciences are injecting the gas into porous sandstone 650 meters (2,100 feet) beneath the surface. “We are making excellent progress,” says project director Michael Kühn, adding that their efforts have been “very successful.” (Reuters)

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